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How to Choose the Best Dress Shirt

We deal with a lot of men's dress shirts.  Many of our customers ask us, what's the best shirt out there?  We wanted to give some tips on choosing the best dress shirt based on quality, value, and lifespan.  We know you put money into your clothes, so make sure they last!

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Does Frequent Dry Cleaning Shorten the Life of Garments

One common myth is that "Frequent Dry Cleaning Shortens the Life of a Garment."  Simply put, this isn't true. Frequent cleaning actually prolongs the life of a garment.  Here's why:

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How Frequently Should I Dry Clean my Clothing?

A very common question we receive is, "How frequently should I dry clean my clothes?"  Being the dry cleaning expert in State College, we're here to help answer that for you!  Although it's not essential to dry clean every item, with every wear, there are certain situations that warrant a cleaning...

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Best time of year to clean your clothing

Did you know there are specific times of the year that are better to clean your garments and household items?  We get this question from many customers and wanted to address this query.  Here's a quick reference guide to help...

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The Perfect Fit-State College Seamstress

Do you ever wonder how some people look AMAZING in their clothing?  They may have the same jacket on as you but they somehow look better in it.  The truth is, they likely use a tailor to ensure that their clothing fits them perfectly. 

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