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Best fit: State College Seamstress and Tailor

Do you ever wonder how some people look AMAZING in their clothing?  They may be wearing the same jacket or pants as you are but they somehow look better in it?  More than likely they use a tailor so that their clothing is tailored to fit their body perfectly

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How shirts are professionally laundered

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9 Tips to extend the life of your clothing

We know how much your clothing means to you.  And we want you to be able to wear those special garments over and over again.  At some point in time, even the best made pieces will begin to pill or deteriorate.  That's why we wanted to give you 9 tips and tricks to extend the life of your clothing...

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Best Fit: Men's Suits

How should a suit fit? It's a gray area for many men.  Is my jacket too big?  Where should my sleeves fall?  What kind of venting is best? 

We put together some general tips for guys to determine the best fit for their suits...

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How to make your clothes last longer

We know how much your clothing means to you.  Our customers have spent top dollar on their garments and often ask us how they can make them last....

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