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Caring for your Drapes

Drapes and curtains may hang for years (and we mean many, many years) between cleanings. Often, exposure to sunlight and changing temperatures lead to fabric damage in drapes. In time, soil and dust in the room, as well as outside atmospheric dirt and gasses from industry, automobiles, and construction, may soil the drapes. Many of these soils can be removed through careful cleaning practices...

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Caring for Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are all the rage. From very high end to box-store brand, decorative pillows can change the entire dynamic in a room. The problem is, they get dirty from kids, pets and their constant use on couches...

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Are you doing your laundry right?

People spend more time doing wash now than 50 years ago, but research shows the clothes are coming out less clean and more worn than ever before. One of the world’s biggest soap manufacturers, Procter & Gamble, says most people do their laundry improperly by not sorting loads, overloading machines, and washing clothes too often.

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How Dirty is your Bedding?

Have you noticed your baseboards lately? We have…we are having to clean them more frequently because we have so much more foot traffic in our homes! So what does the dirt on your baseboard have to do with your bedding? Everything! With so many more people working from home, doing online school and just being in the house, just like the rest of your home, your bedding is dirtier than ever. 

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What's the Deal with Laundry Service?

There are pros and cons of living anywhere. As much as we completely adore State College, for things like safety, small-town feel, and the school system (to name a few) we do tend to be a bit behind the 8-ball in other areas. Like laundry service...

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