Alterations Pricing

Location:  We have 2 talented, full-service seamstresses at our 215 S. Atherton Street location.

Turnaround time:  2-week turnaround for common garments but more complicated projects (wedding gowns, re-linings, or custom garments) may take longer.

Quick Turnaround: If you need a garment quicker, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We offer a variety of alteration services. Below are the commonly asked prices:

General Pricing:

  • Pant/Jean Hem: 20-25
  • Jean Zipper Replacement: 30
  • Take in waist: 35-50
  • Patches: 5 and up
  • Zipper Replacement: 3 per inch
  • Hem Dress (short): 25 and up
  • Hem Gown (long): 80 and up
  • Wedding Gown Hem: 300 and up

PLEASE NOTE: These are base prices. They could increase depending on the garment. You will receive an exact quote at the time of your fitting.