Basic Price List

Laundered Shirts

Regular Shirts            $3.87

Folded Shirts             $4.28

Polo Shirts                $6.12


Dry Cleaning

Pants               $9.92

Sweaters          $9.33

2-Piece Suits    $19.84

Blouses            $9.99

Skirts               $9.94

Ties                  $7.48

Sportcoats        $12.42

Dresses            $18.62

Jackets             $15.72

Coats                $22.17

Wedding Gown  $250.00 & up

***Price adjustments will be made for special attention to delicate fabrics, ornementation, button removal, hand finishing and delicate designs.

For information on Household Items, Leathers, Rugs, or any item not listed, please email with specific details of your item.