Basic Price List

We're proud to be part of the "fabric" of the State College community for over 4 generations & 95 years.

Each year since 2021, we've been named to the short-list of "America's Best Cleaners" and are 1 of 25 cleaners nationally to receive this prestigious honor.

We believe in paying our team a fair & living wage, providing premier quality and customer service, and supporting our community through donations.

Laundered Shirts

Regular Shirts            4.52

Folded Shirts             5.00

Polo Shirts                7.16


Dry Cleaning

Pants               11.60

Sweaters          10.90

2-Piece Suits    23.20

Blouses            11.67

Skirts               11.62

Ties                  8.73

Sportcoats        14.51

Dresses            21.75

Jackets             18.37

Coats                25.90

Wedding Gown  290.00 & up

***Price adjustments will be made with special attention to delicate fabrics, ornamentation, button removal, hand finishing, and delicate designs.

For information on Household Items, Leathers, Rugs, or any item not listed, please email with specific details of your item.